Real Deal Poker Academy - He sucks

Tampa, Florida 24 comments

Took the class.Don't know anymore now than I knew before.

Doesn't show up for class. Once he gets your money wont evan answer your calls. It was a big waste of money.Dont do it. John is a very bad teacher doesn't evan have lisence to teach.

Keeps moving don't know where you next class will be or when. Does not spend any time showing you anything when he does show up .

Dont know where you will be driving to next so don't do it.Save your money.Dont know where class is now and I don't have my certificate don;t think it's gonna do any good with his name on it'

Review about: John.



ur all full of *** losers.. get a life


Takes your money and doesnt even teach you.Go to ANY card room in Tampa, Fl and ask about him everyone will tell you to take your money and run.

I unfortunatley took his class and he cancled at least once a week btw he is teaching from his home. He says he has been teaching for years but when I attended my first class he didnt even have a complete poker table set up.

Eventually he stopped calling and I could never get ahold of him.OH AND HE CALLS YOU AND ASKS YOU FOR LOANS BECAUSE HE IS A PATHETIC PIECE OF *** TAHT CANT SUPPORT HIS OWN FAMILY.


The bottom line is that we nor can any other college guarantee a job..Jobs arent easy to come by but you can take this skill anywhere or you can keep trying as they will expand poker in florida in the very near future..

If you remember correctly when you signed up you signed a piece of paper that said we do not guarantee jobs..

If you find any school or college that guarantees a job let me know too because you wont!!nuff said


Liar Went to school there 2 years ago and still cant get a job dealing.


i am learning now and this is a good deal i will be dealing at the casino in a few months


hes a scam artist. Dont give him any money.


i check the site a new class just started you can still sign up


not much comments is the school still running




i was a lucky one, he didn't show up when i was gonna sign up


waste of time is right


i guess it was a waste of my time and money. i have been looking for a dealer job for a year or so none out there,what a waste of time, i would think that the school would be better but so be it. don;t waste your money


that place sucks


Can any one honestly tell me if I should take this class.I see the owner is the only one who had a good thing to say about it.


i guess if the shoe fits wear it




LOL ok this is john from real deal poker here to address some of the *** that people have posted.. First of all I didnt have a license problem in new jersey.. I had a valid 2-1 gaming license for over 10yrs, secondly, Im not always moving, I moved the school 2 times since 2004 and was at my main location on gandy for over 4yrs.. I moved to my next location which was above kahunas bar and grill and the music downstairs made it impossible to teach in a proper manner so I moved!!

For whoever said they took the course and didnt learn anything? thats a joke, you either didnt show up or are brain dead!!

You people need to understand that the economy is bad and dealing jobs arent easy to comeby, I never once promised anyone a job, but Ive certainly trained people that are raking in the cash now so get a grip..

Someone also made a comment that I dont return phone calls?? Well call me and see if I answer.. For anyone that feels slighted or that I have not provided proper training give me a call and we'll resolve it .. but posting and whining here isnt helping anything is it?

With the state of the economy people cant afford to shell out a high cost for poker dealer school so not only did I start the school offering classes for only $700 which is half of what you pay ANYWHERE!! but I also lowered the price to $500 to make it more affordable for everyone..

There an old saying that you cant please all of people all of the time, but as with any other business if you please the majority thats the goal..

Go to and see how many thousands of complaints there are about them, for that matter go to any company and see what you find..


It is somethin to see all the dissatisfied students i would never have known


I was checking out this school awile ago i am dam glad i didnt go thanks


Horrible experience.He was there the first 2 days and then had some other guy teach the class who was totally unqualified.

John Plenzick never returns calls and is a total scam artist. Don't know how this *** sleeps at night. 3 months ago he said he is moving and that he will call with the new address. never called any of us.

A bunch of us x students keep in touch and we are definately not done with him.

Save your money, go somewhere else.He's a lowlife who will just take your money.


This school is a joke. What a waste of money! He doesn't show up for classes. He never returns phone calls, always cancels classes...


You will regret it.


I can't get through to anyone at his place of business, anyome know if he is still there


finaly someone exposes this guy


I feel sorry for you- sounds like you were taken advantage of like a lot of other people on here, I'm sooo glad I ran across this site, I was getting ready to sign up for class, but the date kept changing and now the website isn't updated, I think he is closed

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Real Deal Poker Academy takes money and doesn't provide service

Orlando, Florida 20 comments
Not resolved

The owner john, comes to the school and holds class for a week or two, and then does not show up for the school. The school is located in St. Petersburg Florida and is suppose to teach poker and blackjack.

It's a total scam, I am writing this to inform potential customers to check out this school thoroughly prior to giving this scam artist any money.

Check out his web-site, even at the bottom it says no refunds, which means when i feel like attending school (holding school) then I will show up.

I have witnessed him scam people out of alot of money and then have students waiting outside the closed school.

Review about: Poker.



the heat didnt work


was in atlantic city asked around no one knew of real deal poker acadamey thought there was a school their


i will fix the air for free teaching



is this guy for real


I was gonna sign up till I read this web site.Sounds like he takes money and doesnt provide service.Thats why now he says you pay the first day of school. Nobody shows up now after they read this web site.What a scam artist he sounds like.


heres a number, 1 in fact heres some more 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9


is anyone dealing that went to this school? can i get a name and number




If I take this class will the school get me a full time job dealing at 40 an hour


Nope no refunds. You literly kiss your $500 or $900 goodbye depending on weather or not you signed up for blackjack. you get a piece of paper saying you been screwed.


Can I get a refund?


Truth comes out check his website is he open


I can't believe that I got taken I thought it was a license you recieved I work building sheds now, couldn't get a job with poker anywhere.


i'm with all of you,what a waste of time.


I looked into what was written before signing up for this school. This was one of the sites I checked.

Everyone of the complaints seem to be valid. I went to the school to ask for references and the phone numbers I received were not valid numbers.

The people who were at the school did not have above average commments. They just wanted to finish without any more of a hassle they already have been going through.

I decided not to persue this any further, I will have to find another school, I can't afford it financialy to take the chance.


believe me its a scam, don't take the chance , its not worth it

I am writing this to give you warning,

this guy's business is down the tubes

with his business doing terrible, if he is such a good dealer, why does he not get a job dealing,

he can't, had liscense problems in new jersey,

google his name and it will appear,

so don't say you have not been warned


I have had several positive experiences with Real Deal Poker Academy.I plan events and have referred them plenty of business and then re-booked them for very satisfied customers for their casino parties.

I also had a few friends take the class and now are ALL successfully working in Hard Rock, Derby ,Las Vegas, and Atlantic City.

I dont know what these people are complaining about.They have been in business for several years and I only see less then a handful of know the saying, can't satisfy everyone!!


Once john got the money, he never answers his phone, that another part of his scam,

I will call John tomorrow, and see if her answers the phone, i even had other people call to see if he is still teaching, he had to move the school, guy did not even pay his electric bill


I laugh, because i was one of his students,

Look johns name up and do a search, something happened in Atlantic City and that is why he left.

Not only did he not provide service he promised, he did not even pay the people he hired to teach the class.


Sorry mike but I have no idea what you're talking about I dont provide service.. there was a 2 week stretch that I had the flu real bad and classes were cancelled 3 nights during that time but I can assure you theres no scam and I take offense to the fact that you have the balls to post some *** like that online..

the funny part is that you posted here but never called me once to find out what happened..

If you think my school is a scam maybe we should call my ex students that are now working making $40/hr at derby, hard rock, and tampa bay downs.. If anyone has any questions or wants verification from my ex students call me and I'll be glad to give you their phone number so you can eat your own words...

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